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Historical Overview Task Force – Mission Accomplished!

In July 2005, the OHAO Board of Directors approved the formation of the Historical Overview Task Force. The mission of the Task Force was to create a historical overview of the OHAO and to document the accomplishments of those individuals who made the Association successful over its first 40 years. We are pleased to inform the OHAO membership that the mission is now accomplished and this is the final report of the Historical Overview Task Force.

At the Spring Symposium, held on March 25, 2010 at Black Creek Pioneer Village, Neil Murray, Chair of the Task Force, gave a presentation describing the process by which the Task Force researched, compiled and prepared a manuscript for publication. The final product, the culmination of almost five years and close to 500 volunteer hours, was unveiled as a hardbound book entitled "Pathfinder for a Profession: An Account of the Formation and Development of the Occupational Hygiene Association of Ontario (1964-2004)”. A copy of this book will soon be mailed to each member.

Fourteen of the twenty-five pioneers and Hugh Nelson Award recipients, featured in the book, attended the Spring Symposium presentation and were warmly welcomed by the gathering. At the close of the meeting, each participant was provided with a complimentary, softbound preview copy of the book.

Our thanks go to those pioneers and Hugh Nelson Award recipients who shared their recollections and experiences of the early years of the Association, and to those OHAO members who provided historic documents and photographs of Association events. We also wish to recognize the support provided by the OHAO Executive Office and in particular Peter Fletcher, Nikki Wright and Stuart Moulton.

Thank you.

The Historical Overview Task Force:

Neil Murray (Chair)
Don Brown
David Halton
Andrea Sass-Kortzak

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